Facebook Unaware Of Cannabis Group Teaching Deadly Illegal Method

Facebook group with members over 33k teaching people how to make explosive cannabis oil.

By: Internet Deputy Kevin Phelps
30 thousand members and growing, the Facebook group "Cannabis Oil Success Stories" (COSS) endorses and teaches dangerous method in making cannabis oil.

COSS is flooded with terminally ill people that are seeking a cure by using cannabis oil since the word is out that cannabis is the cure for many illnesses including cancer, lyme disease and epilepsy.

Somebody should tell facebook before more people get hurt. Internet Deputy

Deputy Phillips, Journalist

The founder and moderator of COSS, Jon Marsh is religiously teaching and supporting the Rick Simpson method of producing the cannabis oil otherwise known as RSO which requires 190 proof alcohol to extract the THC and CBD from the cannabis plant. The method of making the RSO is flammable and requires fans and a well-ventilated room to prevent a possible but likely explosion if not properly managed. There has been serious injuries from people using this method but in many cases this is not reported due to the illegal nature of cannabis.

In June 2014, Internet Deputy’s Steve Phillips investigated several cases regarding injuries related to making RSO and came across Kathy Stimson (not her real name) claimed her son Todd was in a severe explosion while making the RSO. Todd a member of COOS was badly burned in 2013 but his Mom Kathy could not provide proof that Todd got the recipe from Jon Marsh since her son’s face was severely burned and to this day is unable to talk about it.

At the time of the accident, Todd could not call an ambulance due to the fear that he would be arrested for possession of cannabis. In the midst of his excruciating pain, Todd decided to drive himself to the hospital but lost control of his car and hit a telephone pole and today is in a wheelchair.

While investigating the Facebook group "Cannabis Oil Success Stories", Steve Phillips of Internet Deputy found hundreds of references to this so called alcohol extraction process and came across an interesting debate on cannabis paste. He found several people were exposing the fact that RSO is dangerous to make and recommended an alternative to the alcohol extraction called cannabis paste. Several members of this group were banned and others threatened to be banned if they continued to mention the words cannabis paste. Jon Marsh, founder of COSS sent out an email to all his users in a form of a threat stating if anyone is part of New Cure (creator of cannabis paste) or anyone who promotes cannabis paste will be removed from the group.

This is Internet Deputy’s Steve Phillips statement, “while reading through the posts for several hours I found a few unsubstantiated claims mostly from Jon Marsh bashing on the use of cannabis paste and found a video that he had created that was made to oppose New Cure's method of making cannabis paste. The video seem very odd since Jon Marsh was referring to a jar of cannabis paste that’s meant for dogs. So I contacted New Cure for an interview. At first New Cure hesitated to talk to me as evidently there is a lawsuit on its way against Jon Marsh for slander against New Cure. New Cure stated that Jon supported and pushed fake documents on the internet which was damaging to the credibility of New Cure. Former owner Brad Mills confirmed dozens of people were banned or threatened to be removed from this group if they mention cannabis paste as an alternative to the dangerous RSO method. After investigating New Cure's website I came across the article "Jon Marsh Ripple Effect" in which a stage 4 cancer patient received free paste from New Cure but later read the fake document found on COSS and threw the cannabis paste in the trash. To read the rest of that story and how it ended in a tragedy, Google "Jon Marsh Ripple Effect". Note that Brad Mills had previously warned Jon Marsh to remove the fake documents but Jon refused.

Also, I decided to interview some of the members in the group and I got some mixed reactions. Some members were threatened to be removed if they continued to mention anything about tinctures or paste and others seemed to be cult fans of Jon Marsh. We also received emails from two users indicating illegal activity.

Here is a copy of an email to a member of the COSS group from Jon Marsh. Note that this woman lives in a state which possession of cannabis is a felony.

(Woman's name removed), I am working on an oil for lyme, a 2:1 ratio is working for a friend of mine. I am going to have one or two gram samples made up. Since CBD is so hard to find, it was $4,000 for a pound of cannabis to start with. That works out to say 80 grams, or $50 a gram just for the Cannabis to extract. The end product, until prices goes down, is going to be $50 a gram probably, but for lyme I think you only need 1 tenth or two tenths per day. $5 a day isn't hard to do, cutting out other meds or taking a break from a daily habit. Let me know if you'd want to try this oil.

In conclusion, InternetDeputy.com recommends that Facebook should take a close look at the group “Cannabis Oil Success Stories” and consider taking the group offline until an investigation is completed and safety guidelines are in effect. Otherwise, there will be more casualties from the dangerous and deadly method of making RSO. Since there is evidence of selling RSO, it is clear that the forum is a platform for illegal activity.


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